What is Wbot?

   Wbot is a bot for Counter-Strike, the Half-Life Mod. It is a computer controlled player that is trying to simulate a human behaviour as best as it can. The bot has a random but smart behaviour that makes difficult to forsee its reactions. It uses waypoints to move (this to have very smart and fast navigation) and knows how to zoom, so it is a deadly sniper.
   The only maps that are currently supported are cs_italy, de_dust and cs_assault (but a waypoint editor is included so you can make your own ones!) and there is not support yet for as_ maps. The bot can buy and handle all weapons available in CS 1.1 and has a defensive behaviour so the defenders will not be all killed because they rushed the attacker team (which is very often a bad tactic, because they are losing the defense advantage), however if the defenders wins many rounds one after an other, they will think they can rush. They also start the round with the knife to quickly attack/get in defense position.

Features overview

What the bot can currently do:

- handle all CS weapons
- zoom with sniper weapons
- switch to gun if no more primary ammo (and to knife if no more secondary ammo)
- navigate smoothly
- go to/defend map objectives
- hear sounds from footsteps, weapons, hostage rescuing & bomb defusing
- affected by flashbangs
- crouch to increase accuracy
- correct aiming if missing enemy
- jump & duck
- resue hostages
- plant and defuse the bomb
- use ladders
- shoot at breakables in their way
- take cover when needed (heavy damage taken, need to reload, ...)
- draw the gun or the knife in some last resort situations

What the bot can *not* currently do:

- handle as_ maps
- use and avoid grenades
- use and react to radio
- play with non supported maps
- really play as a team

Known issues:

- If you have really low fps (5 and below) the bots will sometimes have "shaking hands" . Note that Wbot requires 30 fps to work in ideal conditions, so don't add too much bots if you have a low-end computer to save fps
- Sometimes a bot can be stucked into an other bot or a corner, but it schould unstuck quickly