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 Wbot alpha 4.0a  (05/10/2001)   by   W@NJIK

    I received several mails from users who experienced crashes and they were right, crashes could occur under certain conditions, so I made an alpha 4.0a version. Don't expect any new features in it ( it's just a fix ), but crashes are major bugs so every Wbot user should download it, even if you didn't experienced some.
    This new version replaces the alpha4 download, it can be found in the download section.

 Download now available  (24/09/2001)   by   W@NJIK

    I made a mistake on the links for alpha 4 downloads and it was impossible to download ( it worked at home because windows systems are not case sensitive for file names ). Thanks for having notified me of this and sorry for the inconvenience.

 Wbot Alpha 4 is out!  (21/09/2001)   by   W@NJIK
    Well, Alpha 4 is now finished. It's been a long time since Alpha 3, but I really think it was worth the wait. Here's the list of changes/fixes/additions :
- when a bot is killed by the killall command, it is now considered as a normal death and not as a suicide (frag number is not decreased)
- bots are now using ladders
- bot turning speed is no more framerate dependant
- bots will more often buy a new gun if terrorist in the first round, and they will choose more often the desert eagle, bots will also buy more often MP5 when buying a SMG, and will buy less sniper rifles, M249, P90 and XM1014
- bots know how to plant and defuse the bomb
- bots will go pick up the bomb if dropped
- added "goal2" waypoint flag
- bots are now buying defuse kits
- reduced bot fov to 50 degrees (was 60 before)
- bots now hear sounds from weapons depending on the weapon type and if it has a silencer or not
- fixed a bug in waypoint removing
- bots will now save hostages (to be improved)
- bots now have a variable reaction time before firing
- bots can now fall vertically when a path exists
- bots will now take cover when running nearly out of ammo or taking heavy damage (if possible)
- added "go" waypoint command
- bots have better reactions to sounds
- bots will now memorize the position of the last seen enemy and will try to guess where the enemy is if no more in sight
- fixed bot trying to fire when weapon has no more ammo in rare cases
- bots are using the knife at the beginning of the round
- fixed bot not buying anything if alive the round before (rare)
- added "removeall" server command
- fixed bot having trouble using pistols with less than 10fps
- rewrote round start bot init
- rewrote unstuck code
- bots will now draw the pistol or the knife in some desperate situations
- improved combat style: the bots will now strafe and jump in combat
- included HPB bot template 3 changes
- eliminated crash bug that sometimes occured when using sv_restartround
- bots will now pick up better weapons found on the ground
- moved all the Wbot files in the 'cstrike\Wbot' folder
- added an installer
- removed all unused code, dll is 40k smaller
- rewrote zoom/unzoom code, works 100% of time now
- aiming auto-correct now works properly
- some bots are setting the silencer on the M4A1 and the USP
- bot is less affected by flashbangs
- fixed random crash on map change
- bots will avoid falling from high places
- bots will trying to avoid close teammates
- bots will change their tactics depending on the number of consecutive wins or loses
- added waypoint files for de_dust and cs_assault
- updated cs_italy.wpf
- a few other things
    As you can see I improved a lot combat capabilities and navigation. The bots are aiming slowlier than in Apha 3 but they are much smarter in combat situations, less predictable and they now have a memory, that is making a real difference. Also the waypoint editor is now completely bug free and installation is much easier.
    In short, it's much more fun to play with compared to Alpha 3. So what are you waiting for? Go download it now!
 Alpha 4 progress  (14/09/2001)   by   W@NJIK

    I think Wbot alpha 4 will be released within this month. Now the bot is doing much more things than in alpha 3, here are some new features:
    - The bots are using the knife at the beginning of the round
    - They can accomplish the mission objectives: rescue hostages (though limited)
and plant/defuse the bomb. VIP is not fully suported but it should work
    - They use ladders
    - They break obstacles (like glass) in their way
To show you all these things I added 8 more screenshots in the screenshot section; and yes, there will be waypoint files for maps de_dust and cs_assault.

 Site update  (10/09/2001)   by   W@NJIK

    I added a screenshot section on the site. There are only 4 screenshots for the moment but more are to come. Check them here.

 Wbot on the web!  (24/08/2001)   by   W@NJIK

    At last! Wbot is no more restricted to a few testing people. It is only available now however I have already made three versions of the bot, the latest is Alpha3 (check the download section) and I'm currently working on the next version, which will probably be Alpha4, but don't expect to see it before a few weeks.
    Wbot is my very first bot, it has been made from HPB bot template (how original!) and it is only a few months old, so there are still few bugs left.
    Well, now all you have to do is downloading it right here. Try
it and tell me if you enjoyed it.

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