Counter-Strike 1.5  (12/06/2002)   by   W@NJIK

    Counter-Strike 1.5 is out! Only some bugfixes here but a new map. I'll get this one most certainly at the end of the next week but seeing the changelog of this version, I think there will be no compatibility problem with Wbot.
    Don't forget to check the official CS site and as usual, csnation offers a whole bunch of mirrors during the first hours following the release for you to download it.

 Wbot and CS 1.4  (03/05/2002)   by   W@NJIK

    I tested Wbot with CS 1.4 and it seemed to work nicely. Moreover, from what I read in my mails or on discussion forums, other people don't have trouble running Wbot on the latest CS version too. So everything is fine :)

 Counter-Strike 1.4  (27/04/2002)   by   W@NJIK

    Counter-Strike 1.4 is out! I won't be able to download it before next week, so I don't know yet if Wbot is compatible with it.
    Check out the official CS site.

 Hard times  (06/03/2002)   by   W@NJIK

    During the last month I had less time than ever to work on the bot, down to about one hour in two weeks. I can't seriously make a bot spending so little time on it.
    When I began this bot, it was meant to be a good replacement for Android bot by Data, my personal favourite at that time, because of the 'grenade bug' it had and no fix from Data. I really haven't planned to add so much features in it and the problem now is that the way it was done couldn't handle many more, so I would have to rewrite major parts of the code, this means a lot of work to see nearly no difference in the bots behaviour, and I don't have that time.
    So I stop this project for at least a few months, but maybe forever...

 Wbot Beta 1.0 test version out!  (29/01/2002)   by   W@NJIK
    I will not list all the new features of that release compared to alpha 4.0a, just give the main ones, you will know about all small other things by using it. So here's what has changed :
- bots can now make quick successive jumps
- fixed crash bug that happend sometimes after planting the bomb
- greatly improved hostage recuing : bots are able to successfully rescue all the hostages nearly every time, they will no longer steal already 'used' hostages and they can use them anywhere on the map.
- improved unstucking code
- improved player avoidance code
- sniper bots that have a teammate between them and an enemy will now move instead of just standing
- the waypoint editor checks for more errors when saving
- fixed bot using SG550 sniper rifle was never selecting the knife
- better weapon pickup code
- added skill settings from 1 to 100, skill affects aiming speed and reaction time
- reduced flashbang effect on bots
- better aiming (bots will less often fire an entire clip whithout hitting the target), partially compensates CS1.3 hitboxes bugs
- a bit less head shots
- bots are throwing HE grenades
- fixed a bug where the bot didn't guess correctly if they could still see the enemy while ducking

- added config and botname files
    There is no help file provided with this release, but the config file is pretty well explained and with the 'totalplayers' command most users won't even need to use the console.
    The new skill settings cover a wide variety of players, you should be able to kill a bot with skill 1 before he notices you are in front of him, and a skill 100 bot is insanely fast at aiming and reacts lightspeed. Note that the skill setting only affects aiming speed and reaction time so far, so even a skill 1 bot could kill you with a HS at close distance if you give him enough time ;)
    To all Wbot waypointers: use the waypoint save command with your waypoint files, as it now checks for all common mistakes you could have made. An incorrect waypoint file is the source of many reported bugs.
    And finally, tell me if you find some bugs, if you think something is wrong or if you wish something to be changed or added : this bot will be as YOU want it to be, and for that I need feedback.
    Download it at this page and Enjoy!
 Good news!  (28/01/2002)   by   W@NJIK

    That damn bug has been fixed, at last. The download will be available tomorrow, I'm just testing a bit to see if everything works correctly.

 Beta 1.0 test version soon  (21/01/2002)   by   W@NJIK

    Actually, it should already be out, but I'm having problems with the skill settings and I can't get them fixed. As soon as they are, I'll release it, hope that this won't take more than a few days. I also updated the progress section, so you can have an idea of what this test version will be.

 Some news  (09/01/2002)   by   W@NJIK

    First of all, I wish you all a happy new year!
The last two weeks I was wondering if I will continue or not Wbot so to be open I didn't code a lot since the last update, but I decided to continue. I also decided to release soon a test version for beta1 as it will not be out before a while and there already was a too long wait since alpha4 release.

 Progress update   (19/12/2001)   by   W@NJIK

    Ok now the bots are using grenades much more effectively. I'm currently working to improve it and correct some problems with bot crouching, weapon firing and player avoidance.

 Beta 1 progress  (09/12/2001)   by   W@NJIK

    I made some little design change and added a new progress section on the site, it will tell you how the things are going, what is done and how much work left before the release. I'm concentrating on grenade handling for the moment, but I've got exams during the whole next week so I will not code until next week end.
    Oh, and this progress section will not be updated every day :)

 Alpha stage is over  (29/11/2001)   by   W@NJIK

    The next Wbot version will be a beta, so I'm planning to add a lot of features to it. Here are the main ones:
 - grenade handling (at least HE grenades)
 - as_ maps handling
 - use and understanding of some radio commands
 - bots will speak a bit
 - config and name files
 - in-game menu
 - selectable skill for bots
I now have fewer time than before to spend on the bot and there is a lot of work to do, so it will not take one month to be done, just be patient! Beta 1 will be a major release.

 Waypoint files  (12/10/2001)   by   W@NJIK

    I added a new section to the site : the waypoints one. In it you will find waypoint files made by Wbot users, for both official and non-official maps. If you made some waypoint files and think they're good, you can send them to me so I put them on the site but you must respect the following rules:
  - Send all your waypoint files in a single ZIP file attached to a mail with the following title : "waypoint files from [your nickname]".
  - Don't resend me your files every 2 days for small fixes, I will delete such mails (let's say a minimum of 1 week between each update) and resend me all your files even if you only updated one map, the attached file will be put on the site as I receive it in the mail.
  - For comments about waypoint files, ask directly the authors.

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